Editor’s Choice: Longitudinal assessment of colonoscopy quality indicators

Dr. Mimi CantoAssociate Editor Mimi Canto, MD, MHS, FASGE, highlights this Original ArticleLongitudinal assessment of colonoscopy quality indicators: a report from the Gastroenterology Practice Management Group” by Lyndon V. Hernandez, MD, MPH, Thomas M. Deas, MD, Marc F. Catalano, MD, Nalini M. Guda, MD, Lin Huang, MD, Scott R. Ketover, MD, Kyle P. Etzkorn, MD, Kumar G. Gutta, MD, Steve J. Morris, MD, Michael J. Schmalz, MD, Dominic Klyve, PhD, and John I. Allen, MD, MBA .

This study analyzed 368,157 colonoscopies from 11 practices involving 370 gastroenterologists, representing a good sampling of ambulatory procedures, for 6-year adenoma detection rates. The study is an example of how a large cooperative database can allow assessment of quality of (colonoscopy) care with a standardized metric (ADR) and analysis of variability in quality.

I recommend this article because it is a very timely and important topic in the health care reform era. Validation of quality metric (ADR) in a very large representative sampling of American ambulatory endoscopy centers.

Objective assessment of quality of colonoscopy (adenoma detection rate) and performance disparities over time across gastroenterology practices in the U.S. is feasible – get ready.

Read the article on pages 835–841 of the journal or find the abstract article online.

Table 3

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