New Tools for Identifying Plagiarism in Academic Publishing

iThenticate, CrossCheck, EES…How do they fit into the GIE picture? The GIE online submission system, EES (Elsevier Editorial System), now automatically runs every submitted article through CrossCheck. CrossCheck is powered by iThenticate originality detection software, so for those of us who use EES, CrossCheck can be thought of as a very handy version of iThenticate.

By the time a newly submitted article shows up on our EES submission page, we can already see the report. We just click on “View CrossCheck Report” to see what CrossCheck has generated for us. The software compares the submitted text to more than 37 million published research articles from over 500 leading global scientific, technical, and medical publishers. The report that we receive shows us the percentage of text that the software found elsewhere; it then shows us the specific places in the submitted article where the text is duplicated and gives us the sources where the text matched. Many times the matching text is references or definitions, which is not surprising. But we do look at every article’s report—not just the percentage, but the places within the text that match already-published text. The report will include self-plagiarism on the part of an author, which is also strongly discouraged by GIE Editors.

Software programs like iThenticate and CrossCheck are being used increasingly in many venues, including colleges and universities, where instructors are checking student-written papers. Duplicating text can destroy a career, and publishing duplicated text can destroy the reputation of a journal. More and more journals are using originality detection software on submitted articles, and the integration of CrossCheck into EES has made this a much simpler task.

To learn more about iThenticate or CrossCheck, visit their website.

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