2023 GIE, VideoGIE, and iGIE top reviewers honored at DDW

Congratulations to the 2023 GIE, VideoGIE, and iGIE Reviewer Award Winners, who will be recognized at the Editors’ Reception on May 8 at Digestive Disease Week in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

These distinguished reviewers are being honored for their superior contributions to the journals through completing high numbers of reviews and submitting the highest quality of work. They are thanked for donating significant time and energy to the peer-review process.

For the first time, top reviewers are being recognized for iGIE, the quarterly journal that launched in December 2022.

Clinical Reviewers

  • Alfonso Elosua González, MD, PhD
  • Yuichi Mori, MD, PhD, FASGE
  • Kenichiro Imai, MD, FJGES
  • Arshad Butt, FCPS (Med), FCPS (Gastro), FACG
  • Yasutoshi Shiratori, MD, MPH, PhD
  • Joel Rubenstein, MD, MSc
  • Danny Issa, MD
  • Zhihui Duan, MM
  • Marco Bustamante-Balen, MD, PhD
  • Firas Al-Kawas, MD
  • Wei-Chih Liao, MD, PhD

Board Clinical Reviewers

  • Joshua Melson, MD, MPH, AGAF, FASGE
  • Yutaka Tomizawa, MD, MSc, FASGE, FACP, FJGES
  • Sergey Kantsevoy, MD, PhD
  • Felix Leung, MD
  • Ryan Law, DO
  • Jonathan Cohen, MD
  • Marwan Abougergi, MD
  • Harry Snady, MD, PhD
  • John Affronti, MD, MS, FASGE
  • Brian Weston, MD
  • Patrick Pfau, MD

International Editorial Board

  • Antonio Facciorusso, MD
  • Manuel Perez-Miranda, MD, PhD
  • Alan Moss, MD, MBBS (Hons), FASGE, FRACP
  • Yutaka Saito, MD, PhD, FASGE, FACG, FJGES
  • Makki Fayadh, MBChB Baghdad, MRCP UK, FRCP Ed, FRCP London, MWGO
  • Enrique Vazquez-Sequeiros, MD, PhD
  • Do Hyun Park, MD, PhD
  • Fabian Emura, MD, PhD, FASGE, FJGES, FACG
  • Takuji Gotoda, MD, PhD, FASGE, FACG, FRCP
  • Diogo Libanio, MD, PhD

New and Mentee Reviewers

  • Tara Keihanian, MD, MPH
  • Juan Reyes Genere, MD
  • Yervant Ichkhanian, MD
  • Neal Mehta, MD
  • Hsueh-Chien Chiang, MD
  • Cord Langner, MD
  • Omar AbdAllah, MD
  • Clement Wu, MBBS
  • Shruti Mony, MD
  • Motohiro Kojima, MD, PhD
  • Katarzyna Pawlak, MD, PhD, MRCPUK

VideoGIE Reviewers

  • Phillip Ge, MD
  • Yoshimasa Miura, MD, PhD
  • Hirofumi Kawamoto, MD, PhD
  • Harry Aslanian, MD
  • Suryaprakash Bhandari, MD
  • Nicholas Hoerter, MD
  • Radhika Chavan, MD, DNB
  • Taiki Aoyama, MD, PhD
  • Leonardo Zorrón Cheng Tao Pu, MD, MSc
  • Mark Benson, MD
  • Amy Hosmer, MD

iGIE Reviewers

  • Yutaka Tomizawa, MD, MSc, FASGE, FACP, FJGES
  • Yuji Hodo, MD, PhD
  • Lars Aabakken, MD, PhD
  • Takao Itoi, MD, PhD
  • Raj Shah, MD
  • Jonathan Cohen, MD
  • Jorge Machicado, MD, MPH
  • Sho Suzuki, MD, PhD, FJGES
  • Hirofumi Kawamoto, MD, PhD
  • Toshio Kuwai, MD, PhD
  • Jae Hee Cho, MD, PhD

The information presented in Endoscopedia reflects the opinions of the authors and does not represent the position of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE). ASGE expressly disclaims any warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, and is not liable for damages of any kind in connection with the material, information, or procedures set forth.

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