New ASGE journal debuts with 14-article issue: iGIE

A new ASGE journal launches today! The first issue of iGIE is now available with 14 articles exploring novel preclinical work and early clinical studies.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Dr Christopher C. Thompson, the gold open-access, online-only journal will publish peer-reviewed research and best practices in GI endoscopy quarterly.


“With an emphasis on innovation, early clinical investigation, and other novel content, iGIE will offer a valuable platform to incubate ideas and guide us into the future of endoscopic practice,” Dr Thompson said. “I am pleased to have a diverse panel of highly regarded experts in the field join our Editorial Board as Associate and Section Editors.  We are excited to be part of this new forward-looking initiative by ASGE that will no doubt have a significant impact on advancements in our field.”

Broadening the scope of ASGE publications that also include GIE and VideoGIE, iGIE’s articles will examine technologic and procedural innovation, early investigational and translational work, digital health, and inclusive interdisciplinary approaches. The journal features sections on innovations, investigations, insights, informatics, interdisciplinary, and international.

Articles in the first issue range from the history of bariatric endoscopy to a novel less-invasive therapy for a bleeding eroded artery in a giant duodenal ulcer.

Check out the journal at

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