My one and only eye (still the one)

Post written by Jacobo Dib Jr., MD, FASGE, from Hospital “Dr. Jesús Yerena” de Lidice, Caracas, Venezuela.


I felt the need to share with the rest of the world the conditions in which we perform endoscopy at a public setting in my country, Venezuela. I am sure that colleagues from many other countries will find similarities in their own practice at home. Most colleagues, particularly those practicing in First World countries, or, ironically, at private-run hospitals in Third World countries, take for granted the conditions in which they exercise their practice.

My main purpose was to try to open the eyes of many of us that tend to see only what they have (often complaining) and disregard what others, colleagues, and their patients lack. We need help from developed countries in ways that go beyond fundraising. Free continuing education for many of our very low-income doctors could be a good place to start. On the other hand, difficulties not only include practice but also research at our hospitals. Therefore, it would seem unfair, when our doctors apply for a position within an international scientific society, to see how their resumes (CV) are compared to those of First World countries in items such as “original papers published in international journals.” In this particular case, you would not be comparing like to like.

The title has to do with the preference that I have in my practice of performing colonoscopies connected to the music from the 1970s that I still love to listen to (you must read until the end the paper to understand).

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