GIE welcomes a new Editorial Review Board member


GIE is proud to welcome Cadman Leggett, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, to the GIE Editorial Review Board. His research interests include Barrett’s esophagus, esophageal cancer, advanced imaging, and artificial intelligence. Below is an interview with Dr. Leggett.

At what point in your career did you start serving as a peer reviewer? Did you have a mentor who introduced you to serve as a peer reviewer?

I started peer reviewing for GIE between my last year in GI fellowship and first year as staff. I am grateful to my mentors Kenneth Wang, MD, and Prasad Iyer, MD, who introduced me to this important academic activity.

How has serving as a peer reviewer influenced your work  as an author and researcher and what message would you give to endoscopists at the early stages of their career regarding peer review?

There is a learning curve to peer reviewing, and I thank the GIE Editorial Board for fostering an ideal environment to develop these skills. Serving as a peer reviewer has helped me stay informed of the latest advancements in my field. It has also changed my approach to my own research by helping me anticipate potential limitations in study design and methodology.

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