GI Endoscopy Competency Assessment Tool

Catharine M. Walsh, MD, MEd, FRCPC, from the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada discusses this Original Article “Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Competency Assessment Tool: reliability and validity evidence.”

The main purpose of this study was to prospectively examine evidence of the reliability and validity of the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Competency Assessment Tool (GiECAT) in the context of formative assessment of competence in performing colonoscopy in the clinical setting. The GiECAT, which was developed by a panel of 55 endoscopy experts from 44 centers using Delphi methodology. It is comprised of a task-specific 7-item Global Rating Scale and a 19-item Checklist. The GiECAT was constructed to assess the full breadth of technical, cognitive, and integrative competencies required to perform colonoscopy and it addresses performance of all components of a procedure, including pre-, intra-, and post-procedural aspects of care.

Assessment is a cornerstone of high-quality endoscopic education. Additionally, the shift in medical education toward a competency-based model necessitates the need for formative assessment tools to document trainees’ progress toward predefined milestones and provide a means of accumulating evidence of competence. Rigorously developed workplace-based assessments with strong reliability and validity evidence are needed to support competency-based training.

Walsh_figThis study provides reliability and validity evidence for use of the GiECAT for formative assessment in the clinical setting, including high inter-rater and excellent test-retest reliability, evidence of content, response process and internal structure validity, discriminative validity (ability to detect differences between endoscopists of different skill levels), validity evidence of associations with other variables thought to reflect endoscopic competence (eg, cecal intubation rate), and educational usefulness.

This study provides evidence supporting the reliability and validity of the GiECAT for use in assessing the performance of live colonoscopies in the clinical setting. Integration of GiECAT assessments longitudinally into endoscopy training programs will hopefully help to provide a framework for teaching, facilitate the provision of timely and meaningful feedback to guide and support trainees’ learning, and generate assessment data that could be used to gauge trainees’ progress toward specific milestones for endoscopists at different levels of training.

Find the abstract for this article here.

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