Adult ileocolic intussusception

Dr. ZagoRodrigo de Rezende Zago, MD from Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz in São Paulo, Brazil presents this VideoGIE case “Adult ileocolic intussusception: endoscopic treatment.”

This case demonstrates a 21-year-old woman with abdominal pain who was diagnosed with ileocolic intussception on CT scan. We decided to perform colonoscopy with anterograde bowel cleaning due to the patient’s good condition and absence of associated injuries. The colonoscopy showed the terminal ileum invaginated to the cecum. It was possibly to reduce the intussusception through hyperinsuflation and intubation of the ileum. After the procedure the patient recovered well and no causing factor was identified.

Figure 1Figure 1. Abdominal CT scan at admission showed a target-shape mass.

This video demonstrates a successful conservative treatment for patients with ileocolic intussusception. While in childhood this usually does not identify a causal factor, adult intussusception is associated with an etiologic agent, and in most cases there is an association with a neoplasm. In this case, colonoscopies and scans revealed no associated disease.

Colonoscopy can be included in the conservative treatment options for selected patients presenting with ileocolic intussusception.

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