Calling all reviewers: we need you!

GIE’s success as a top journal in the field is dependent on the existence of a large pool of skilled reviewers and experts who can provide effective and constructive comments to editors and authors. Here are some tips to make sure you’re not getting overlooked as a valued reviewer.

  • Make sure your information in EES is updated! This includes updating your EES information to include a current email address and adding relevant areas of expertise under the “Select Personal Classifications” section.
  • Emails from EES sometimes end up in spam or junk folders, so please add EES as a “safe sender” or remember to check your spam folders so as not to miss out on reviewer invitations.
  • Reviewers have 48 hours to accept or decline an invitation through EES. After 48 hours, EES automatically un-invites the reviewer. If you will be unavailable to review, you can add “Unavailability Dates” in EES so that you are not invited while you’re away.
    • Additionally, if you happen to miss an invitation to review and you are available, please contact the Editorial Office at and we will be able to re-invite you.
  • Each reviewer must have a conflict of interest form on file, updated annually. Emails are sent to all reviewers in August asking them to update their conflicts of interest. Please respond in a timely manner to these requests.
  • If you haven’t been asked to review as often as you like, please notify the Editorial Office. We will suggest you as a potential reviewer to the Associate Editors.

New reviewers or those who would like a refresher should take the GIE Reviewers Course, available online here.

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer for GIE but aren’t registered? Please contact the Editorial Office at


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