Meet the Editor- Ian Gralnek

Meet Dr. Ian Gralnek, MD, MSHS, FASGE, our Senior Associate Editor, from Rappaport Family Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Department of Gastroenterology, Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel.

Endoscopedia: What are your GI areas of focus?

IG: Endoscopic therapies in GI bleeding, endoscopic technology assessment, outcomes research.

Endoscopedia: If you hadn’t gone into gastroenterology, what else would you have done?

IG: If i had not gone into medicine, my dream job would be playing middle infield in the major leagues or playing golf on the PGA tour. Unfortunately, since those dreams never materialized (and were not very realistic to begin with), gastroenterology looked like a good third option!

Endoscopedia: What is your favorite part about working on the Journal?

IG: I really enjoy seeing what endoscopic research is occurring all over the world and being at the cutting edge of endoscopy publications.

Endoscopedia: What is one thing you would like Endoscopedia readers to know about you?

IG: I really love what I do and thoroughly enjoy getting up in the morning to go to “work”…I feel very lucky.

Endoscopedia: What accomplishment makes you most proud?

IG: My 3 children.

Endoscopedia: What is your favorite vacation spot?

IG: Kaiau’i in the Hawaiian Islands, specifically the Po’ipu side of the island…has amazing boogie boarding at Brennecke’s Beach.

Endoscopedia: If you could only listen to one kind of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

IG: 70’s Rock…The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, etc., etc.

Endoscopedia: If you were stranded on an island, what one book would you bring?

IG: An Idiots Guide to Building a Raft or Boat.

Endoscopedia: If you could travel in time to a different time period, where would you go?

IG: Since I live in modern-day Israel, I would like to go back to biblical Israel to see what it was like living at that time.

Endoscopedia: What is the most unusual thing about you?

IG: I can wiggle my ears.

The information presented in Endoscopedia reflects the opinions of the authors and does not represent the position of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE). ASGE expressly disclaims any warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, and is not liable for damages of any kind in connection with the material, information, or procedures set forth.

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