Novel simulator of endoscopic hemostasis with actual endoscope and devices

Post written by Takeshi Kanno, MD, PhD, from the Division of Gastroenterology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, and the Department of Education and Support for Regional Medicine, Tohoku University Hospital, Sendai, Japan.


Simulators capable of reproducing spurting bleeding that can be used to acquire endoscopic hemostasis with actual devices in a clinical setting have been limited to those using, for example, explanted porcine organs.

We developed a bleeding ulcer model made of elastic resin as collaborating research with Denka, a Japanese industrial company.  

This novel simulator for endoscopic hemostasis can provide a clean, reproducible, and calm environment without putting patients at risk. For example, if an endoscope was used on a porcine organ, it would be difficult to then use that endoscope on a human body.

However, in the case of our dry simulator made of artificial materials, endoscopes in any medical facilities could be used.

The difficulty of the procedure can be adjusted by changing the location of the bleeding ulcer in the stomach. In addition to the clipping model, there is a cauterization model with a hemostatic grasper.

Accordingly, a wide range of trainees—including gastroenterology residents, junior residents, and medical students—highly regard these models.

This simulator is expected to be available in Japan in April 2023. Please contact me, the first author, at if you have any questions about how to purchase it. We will put you in touch with the distributor.

Kanno_figureA, The ulcer model for hemostatic clips; B, The ulcer model with electrodes and electric wiring for hemostatic grasper.

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