Mucosubmucosal elongated colonic polyp

Fleischer_Horsley-SilvaPost written by Jennifer L. Horsley-Silva, MD, and David E. Fleischer, MD from the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mayo Clinic,  in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Our video is of a surveillance colonoscopy that demonstrated a 12 mm elongated, pedunculated polyp that was “wormlike” in appearance and found in the ascending colon. An EndoLoop detachable ligating device was used to reduce the likelihood of postpolypectomy bleeding, and then the polyp was resected with a hot snare and retrieved.

Mucosubmucosal elongated polyps are rare polyps that have a unique characteristic appearance. These polyps are composed of nondysplastic mucosa overlying an elongated core of submucosa. This video demonstrates the typical appearance of a mucosubmucosal elongated polyp and demonstrates the technique of a single ligating device used in its removal.

This unique pathology is benign but may need to be removed especially when large or causing symptoms. These polyps have an elongated core of submucosa, sometimes containing dilated vessels and lymphatics. The technique of Endoloop placement may be used prophylactically during mucosubmucosal elongated polypectomy to prevent postpolypectomy bleeding.

Read the full article here.

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